Want to be a Web Analytics Action Hero?

Companies need more than just web analysts and data-savvy marketers to be successful—they need action heroes!

While most of us never battle evil scientists or defuse nuclear warheads, successful web analysts benefit from the same attributes that fictional action heroes embody. As a web analyst, your main goal is to improve your organization’s online performance. You can become an “action hero” by translating analysis insights into action that generates significant returns for your company. How you approach analysis is critical to your overall success.

In my book, I address the unique challenges facing analysts and online marketers working within small and large companies, teaching you how to move beyond reporting and toward analysis to drive action and change within your organization. Taking a principle-based rather than a tool-specific approach, I’ll introduce you to the Action Hero Framework that breaks down the analysis process into three key stages: Prioritize (what to analyze), Analyze (how to analyze), and Mobilize (how to drive action). I’ll reinforce these topics with real-world examples and practical tips from seasoned analysts at leading companies.

What you’ll gain from this book

  • Learn the important differences between reporting and analysis
  • Understand what organizational factors are critical to fostering a data-driven environment where action heroes can thrive—not just survive
  • Gain a more effective approach for prioritizing your analysis efforts as well as learning how to maneuver around the action roadblocks that can stand in your way
  • Discover a more disciplined, scientific approach (HEROIC analysis approach) to finding the key insights and optimization opportunities buried within your online data
  • Identify several techniques and tips that can improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your online analysis
  • Understand how you can rally your organization around your insights and recommendations to drive action and results

Who should read this book

The concepts and approaches in this book are not specific to Adobe’s analytics tools and should be applicable and relevant to whatever web analytics tool you’re using. My intent was to write a book for anyone who prepares or consumes online data.

  • Web analysts: The concepts, frameworks, techniques, and practical tips will help you to be more strategic, efficient, and effective in your analysis efforts. This book will give you a competitive edge in mastering the art and science of online analysis.
  • Marketers: Increasingly marketers are being thrust into the path of online data. This book will help you leverage the power of this data with the skill and confidence of an action hero. You’ll not only be able to optimize your online content and campaigns but also manage your marketing spend more effectively, which can pay dividends for your company and your career.
  • Executives: Many leaders would like to create a more data-driven culture at their organization. If you’re committed and prepared to roll up your sleeves, this book will highlight some of the key areas where aspiring action heroes will need your political influence and budget authority to make things happen.
  • Students: Marketing is experiencing a massive transformation, and there’s a shortage of online marketers who embrace the power of data to create better outcomes and results. This book will give you a head start and game plan for success in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

Order your copy of Web Analytics Action Hero today!

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