If you are interested in web analytics, I have published two books through Adobe Press for your reading pleasure. Both of these books are based on more than 10 years of experience in the field of digital analytics. My first book, Web Analytics Action Hero, was published in December 2011, and it’s an intermediate-level book that is written for both analysts and data-driven marketers. It focuses on how you can be more effective and efficient with your analysis to drive action and business value. It’s available for sale on Amazon and other bookstores.

My second book, Web Analytics Kick Start Guide, was published in October 2014, and it’s a beginner-level primer for anyone who is interested in learning more about web analytics essentials. It’s currently available as a free download from Adobe Press.

Web Analytics Action Hero:
Using Analysis to Gain Insight and Optimize Your Business
Print or eBook Available (256 pages)


While many people had covered the basics of web analytics in various books and blogs, I felt as though the field of web analytics had become stuck in a rut. Too much of the focus was on implementation and reporting—not enough emphasis was being placed on analysis, optimization, and driving action from the data. This book is aimed at awakening the inner action hero within every analyst and data-driven marketer who wants to spend more time analyzing and driving results from their digital data.

Taking a principle-based rather than a tool-centric approach, I introduce the Action Hero Framework that breaks down the essential analysis process into three key stages: Prioritize (what to analyze), Analyze (how to analyze), and Mobilize (how to drive action). I reinforce these topics with real-world examples and practical tips from seasoned analysts at leading companies.

  • Learn the important differences between reporting and analysis
  • Understand what organizational factors are critical to fostering a data-driven environment where action heroes can thrive—not just survive
  • Gain a more effective approach for prioritizing your analysis efforts as well as learning how to maneuver around the action roadblocks that can stand in your way
  • Discover a more disciplined, scientific approach (HEROIC analysis approach) to finding the key insights and optimization opportunities buried within your online data
  • Identify several techniques and tips that can improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your online analysis
  • Understand how you can rally your organization around your insights and recommendations to drive action and results

Web Analytics Kick Start Guide:
A Primer on the Fundamentals of Digital Analytics
Available as eBook only (150+ pages)

WAKSG_cover_smallWhile my first book presumed its readers were somewhat familiar with web analytics, I make no such assumption in this free ebook. It actually serves as a prequel or supplement to my Web Analytics Action Hero book. It is intended for individuals who want to gain a better understanding of the technology that supplies most of the online metrics they see in their dashboards, weekly reports, and internal presentations. In this primer, I start by exploring the evolution of the web analytics industry and then I dive into the business, technical, and process essentials that all aspiring data-driven professionals should know.

  • Understand the origins of web analytics and how it has matured as a technology over time
  • See how your online business strategy and goals define what should be measured
  • Learn the commonly-used web metrics and their gotchas
  • Gain insights into different business model-specific KPIs
  • Understand how data collection works with page tags and cookies
  • Review deep dives into key areas such as interaction/event tracking, campaign tracking, mobile/cross-device measurement, data enrichment, and tag management
  • Understand the steps involved in an effective digital measurement process (data collection through data usage)
  • Know where your company sits in its organizational maturity for digital measurement