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Announcing a New Free Primer on Web Analytics

When I was preparing to write my first book, Web Analytics Action Hero, I decided to focus on material that I felt was underemphasized or missing from the existing literature on web analytics. I wanted to help transform the industry’s … Continue reading

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Five Pitfalls that Will Derail Your Data Storytelling

Analysts and marketers are recognizing the importance of telling stories with data. For too long we’ve watched data-intensive presentations fail to connect with internal stakeholders and have little impact on decision making. Data storytelling represents a powerful way of bridging … Continue reading

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How Big Should Your Digital Analytics Team Be?

If you’re an NBA fan, you might know about the Los Angeles Lakers’ recent troubles with injuries (Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, etc.). On Feb. 5th, the team actually ran out of eligible players while playing against the Cleveland … Continue reading

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Why Everyone Loses with Google’s Secure Search — Except Google

Back in October 2011, Google first announced it would introduce encrypted search and no longer provide search keywords for users who were logged into their Google account. Originally, Google indicated that the change would only have a single-digit-percent impact on … Continue reading

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Web Analytics vs. Mobile Analytics: What’s the Difference?

People are increasingly using mobile devices to interact with organizations through mobile browsers and apps. A recent study indicated that mobile devices now represent 15% of Internet traffic. In December 2012, tablet devices for the first time surpassed desktop PC … Continue reading

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